Capacitor Switching Contactors

  • Up to 100 KVAr
  • Worlds’ leader in capacitor switching contactors
  • Protected against contact welding
  • Making current of 200 x Ie .
  • Minimum size & Maximum performance
  • Ambient temperatures – 40°C up to + 90°C
  • Designed for the operation under extreme conditions (heat, dust, sand, high humidity, vibrations, shock)

Product Description

Capacitor switching contactors:

Contactors K3-..K are suitable for switching low-inductive and low loss capacitors in capacitor banks (IEC70 and 831, VDE 0560) without and with reactors. Capacitor switching contactors are fitted with early make contacts and damping resistors, to reduce the value of make current <70 x Ie. Check out our catalog for our wide selection of Capacitor switching contactors. Offering the world leading capcitor switching contactors in Egypt. For more information, please refer to our catalog .

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