D0 (Neozed) Fuses

  • High breaking capacity, 120 kA
  • Highly resistant against temperature overloads
  • Up to 200 Amp using characteristics gg, TDZ, DZ
  • Ultimate protection against overload and short circuit
  • Blown-fuse indicator

Product Description

Neozed fuses:

D0 fuse-links are used as the most reliable protection of electrical installation, control and signal circuits against overload and short-circuit currents. The whole system D0 contains a complete range of three physical sizes D01, D02 and D03 fuse-links, standard ceramic and new plastic bases, fuse disconnectors and all necessary accessories. It is dimensioned for rated voltages 400 V a.c. resp. 250 V d.c. with AC 50kA and DC 8kA rated breaking capacity. The system D0 is intended to be used in residential, business and similar buildings. When it is used in industrial installations, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the standard IEC 60664-1 concerning the insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems . All fuse-links have blown-fuse indicators which are visible through the screw cap when mounted. Fuse-links, fusebases, caps and fuse-disconnectors are tested and certified according to IEC 60269-3-1, DIN EN 60269-3, DIN VDE 0636-301, HD 630.3.1, DIN EN 60269-1, EN 60947-1 and EN 60947-3. Offered in Egypt by Economic Co. the fuse experts. Check out our catalog for the full range offered by ETI, the world’s leader in fusing products.


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