Isolating Switches (Disconnect Switches)

  • High operational power ratings up to 160A
  • Large cable cross sections
  • IP 65 (With Enclosure)
  • 3-, 4-, 6- and 8- pole ON/OFF versions
  • 3- and 4- pole Change Over Switches
  • Multi-lock handles offer highest security
  • Aux. contacts, self cleaning, suitable for electronic circuits
  • High contact pressure

Product Description

Disconnect Switches:

Benedict Main Switches (Isolating switch) are the highest safety and current carrying capacity switch for your project. With its Compact designs and box terminals for large cable cross-sections guarantee versatile applications. Benedict main Switches (Isolating switch) are used in a wide range of applications; in Egypt it has been used in multiple projects where safety switches were needed. (Isolating switch)Check out our catalog to learn more about our Isolating switches outstanding advantages.


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