Modular contactors

  • Modular design for easy instillation
  • Low noise
  • Long mechanical and electrical life
  • Minimum size & Maximum performance
  • Ambient temperatures – 40°C up to + 90°C
  • Designed for the operation under extreme conditions (heat, dust, sand, high humidity, vibrations, shock)
  • Bounce free, self cleaning aux. contacts, suitable for switching electronic circuits => highest contact reliability

Product Description

Modular Contactors:

Benedict modular contactors are built to the highest technical standards. It is designed specifically for modular panels installations and low noise environments. Benedict modular contactors are simply heavy duty, they have been chosen for the projects where reliability is a must. For instance, the entire sewerage electrical system infrastructure for Cairo,Egypt is built using Benedict contactors. Discover more about our modular contactors, for more information please refer to our catalog.

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