Single phase stabilizer

  • wide voltage input (130-260 VAC)
  • Up-to 30KVA
  • High precision output (220 ±1%)
  • Servo motor technology
  • Fast response time
  • Microprocessor based design
  • LCD display
  • Auto temperature control fan
  • 160% starting capacity
  • Heavy duty industrial design
  • High voltage and low voltage alarm
  • High voltage and low voltage disconnection protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Overload protection
  • 1 Year warranty

Product Description

SVC-D Stabilizers:

The SVC-D series is the new generation of fully automatic; high precision Stabilizers (voltage regulators). The high end SVC Stabilizers (voltage regulators),is designed and programmed to stabilize the voltage output precision thanks to its MCU.

The SVC Stabilizers (voltage regulators) offers many protections include, over voltage, under voltage, over load and over temperature.The all new LCD display offers all needed working status parameters (voltage input, output …etc).

The SVC Stabilizers (voltage regulators) also has been designed to impress, meaning that the exterior appearance of the stabilizer will always look attractive and of course as always..reliable performance.

Smartpower Stabilizers (voltage regulators) has been the leading brand in the Egypt for the past 20 years. Known for its high quality components and extreme durability, Smartpower Stabilizers (voltage regulators) has been offering power quality to thousands of clients.Used in a endless applications:

Office equipment, refrigerators, notebook computer, mobile phones, printers, display screens,lighting, washing machines, microwave ovens..etc. Smartpower Stabilizers (voltage regulators), offers the ultimate protection you need.In order to protect your precious devices, please refer to our catalog or contact Economic Co.’s team.

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